Aero Ways Limited Offering

Charter Special


We currently have a Charter Sales to support

TWO more Challengers.


How it Works

You Purchase the Jet

Such as this one ...

Due to the fact that we are already supporting Challenger 601's we have all the infrastructure necessary in place.


Aero Ways will provide

Crew, Insurance, Maintenance, Hangar, Charts,

EVERYTHING ......... All at no Cost to You!


What you get Back ... $1000.00 per hour

Aero Ways will rent out your aircraft and return $1000.00 per hour to you for the use of your plane.


In order to qualify you must allow us to use your plane up to 600 hours a year and schedule your time with us and our charter customers. To ensure that we have enough availability we request you to have an annual usage of no more than 100 hours.

If you do not meet the qualifications we invite you to look at our standard aircraft managment package.



All programs are available on a limited basis. These programs may be removed from the market at any time. For more information or to schedule an aircraft showing contact us to arrange an appointment